Overcoming triggers

I have been sober, 4 days. I have tried sobriety many times and always give in. All week when I have work I’m fine, but I worry about the weekend. How do you overcome your triggers?
Thanks for sharing your stories and showing us that we are not alone. You all are helping me way more than you will ever know. Take care.

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My thinking at the moment, is that my sober brain is strong enough to say no to one drink, but I’m not sure how many drinks it would take for my drunk brain to say ‘fuck it’ and keep drinking. Maybe just one. So the fear of that is kinda keeping me in line, better to keep my clear brain on.


I was taught in AA to stay away from people places and things that trigger my drive to drink, which meant changing all about my life. How do you do that? For me I went to mtgs all the time, as much as I could, got involved with the fellowship, got a sponsor,(to be accountable to and guide me) and started working the steps. Once my head got clearer it became more and more obvious the emotions triggers I had. If you can find a mtg in your area, check it out, it definitely can’t hurt. You’re worth it! Stay strong, stay sober, stay connected! :rose:

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