Hey everyone. I am new here. I suffer from overeating. I feel ashamed and disgusting and I am about 85 lbs overweight. I keep falling off the wagon and trying again. Just have to keep going. I’ve tried a few apps and none have helped me with overcoming cravings and such. I hope this one helps :slight_smile:

Also the answer is probably no but do you guys have a Discord room? I’m on Discord a lot and having a room would probably be super helpful.

Nice to meet you all!


we do not have a discord room but that is a pretty awesome idea. I have only used it for gaming lol Welcome to the forum!


I have a daughter who was just diagnosed with BED, binge eating disorder. I struggle with this to some extent myself. Welcome!

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I am 7 days abstinent from Binge Eating Disorder. It is a monster of an addiction. Sometimes I feel envious of people with drug and alcohol addiction because they are able to abstain from those substances completely. Food is a necessary part of life, so not only do we have to get “sober” but we also have to develop a healthy relationship with the substance we have abused for so long. Imagine telling an alcoholic that they can not abuse alcohol anymore, they MUST use it in moderation. Just sounds crazy, right? Smh. (Please, no one take offense, I know we all have a powerful disease and have to deal with hardships no matter what our drug of choice is)

Are there Overeaters Anonymous meetings in your area? I went to my first one 3 weeks ago…cried through it, and binged directly after it. I knew I had found what would be an end to my addiction and a part of me was so damn sad and angry that I was going to have to start to heal. Like I said at the start, I’m 7 days abstinent from Binge Eating now and if not for OA, I wouldn’t be.



Thanks for sharing! There is an OA meeting in the area but unfortunately it’s a bit much of a drive for me at the moment. I do sometimes listen to the online archives though. Thanks for the support!

I was an over eater and had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 100 lbs. But I traded one addiction for another. Now I’ve been awake trying to get sober from alcohol for almost a year. I only have 49 days right now. My longest run being 96.

The principles are the same, work the steps and find out what underneath that you are trying to numb with food. Yes it is a super tricky thing too because you have to eat food. But you have to learn to eat to live not live to eat. Just like I have to learn to deal with life’s ups and downs without picking up a drink. I can’t pick up a whole bag of doritos anymore or even a hamburger. I can’t eat a whole hamburger.

Now I am forced to deal with my emotions. Yes different method of position, but addiction none the less. Drugs will kill you. Alcohol will kill you. Heart disease and diabtetes will kill you.


How funny, I searched for Discord to see if there’s an active one here and my addiction is the same as yours! Synchronicity :slight_smile: There is a small, not very active Discord affiliated with the subreddit for BED if you’re interested in joining that. I had to leave because no one was posting for weeks. This monster of an addiction is so difficult. Wishing you the greatest strength, keep moving forward.

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I am in OA and have BED. There are 12 step programs that are very helpful. Keep faith!


I am happy you found OA. I am in OA as well. This is a monster of a disease. But there are so many blessings that come from facing this addiction.


I’m glad I found OA also. I woke up today with 18 days of abstinence behind me and a lifetime to make memories with. I can’t say that I am working the steps (Other than 1, 2 and 3) but I am abstinent and for me, that’s what matters. I want to find a sponsor pretty badly. I’m all in my emotions and trying to struggle through some heavy shit without food to hold my hand for the first time probably ever. But, I’m abstinent. I haven’t died without the binges, like I swore I would. I feel much better physically and I’ve lost 16 pounds so that’s what I’m focusing on. How I feel, not what I’m thinking.

Wow, rambling today I see. I hope you’re all having a happy day :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your 18 days of abstinence. 1, 2 and 3 are important steps. If you have not been on phone meetings you might want to check out OA A Vision for You. They have excellent sponsors and amazingly strong recovery. They like to get sponsees actively working steps to help prevent relapse. I am 72 days abstinent and working all steps with my focus on my 9th. Keep up the good work hun. I am so happy uou are with us!

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Been there don’t that got the postcard and the T-shirt. Had gastric sleeve surgery and became an alcoholic. Alcohol/food is but a symptom. See a doctor. Find out if it’s genes, your brain or both.

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43 days abstinent!!! :slight_smile:


@OAALLDAY. 3 days until triple digits??

Awesome! Keep up the good work. It is hard work but so worth it! Being recovered is so good!