Overwhelming guilt for people with kids

I am a mom of an 11 year old and a 6 year old. They are beautiful and perfect in every way. I believe I am an awesome mom to them when I’m not having an episode. I have clinical depression and generalized anxiety. And I get to the point where I binge drink to cope. To escape out of my head that I believe is trying to kill me. I have such overwhelming guilt that my kids have witnessed some of this. Not too much. But more than enough. And we know how smart kids are. I got a dui 2 days ago. I have to get to the root of this. I have to deal with my depression. My husband is not happy with me. Understandably. I feel like I’m at a point where I can either lose it all or turn my life around for the better. And I want my life. Can anyone relate?


I can relate with the guilt, it is hard, you are right that you need to get to the root and cut down your drinking until you can cut it out entirely your family love you you got to love yourself alcohol lies to us about being the answer its only ever another step down the spiral of chaos

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Find an AA group! Get to a meeting!!

The Promises are there waiting for you!