Owning this sh#t 91 days

First of all merry Christmas to all , have had a lovely sober day just one thing stuck out as we were talking about the year i said jokingly " 2024 best be better as im 43 divorced and an alcoholic " which my family said no your not an alcoholic which actually angered me as i need to own that part of me to, i am an alcoholic but it doesnt define me as a person, i just need to own that i am as that stops any idea i can drink again.


Merry Christmas to you too! Yep, accepting and owning that is the first and most important step to recovery. Glad you recognize that. I understand why that could be frustrating, but it’s just something normal people don’t truly understand. Wish you the best, God bless.


Its amazing how i feared that label but now its a badge of honor. A recovering alcoholic means struggle, perseverence, growth, alot of hard work. I am indeed a greatful recovering alcoholic