Parents going through separation/divorce

Parents going through separation/divorce. A thread to focus on Solution Based Actions to help navigate obsessive thoughts, harmful actions and to find peace of mind and peace of heart during these times-together because it’s an “us” thing! Outside legal help/ resources is ok to suggest but please keep legal opinion based in untruth out thank you!


Doing everything I can to make sure my 3 kids know how individually each are important. Continuing to make decisions based in a healthy outcome for their life experience and my recovery. Would Love to Hear your experience strength and hope of your going through the same🤘🏻.

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I am going through a divorce at the moment (long story but initial separation was initiated by me due to drug use and me cheating on husband). He is paying for the divorce and I am overall sad about it, but it was my doing.

Everything is very amicable which I would recommend to anybody if possible. He has full custody of our 4 boys who I see on weekends and we co-parent as much as possible. We like and respect each other 100%. He is supportive of my recovery and wants the boys to have an involved mother. Things are so amicable he still does my taxes.

All my support for anyone going through this it is a horrible thing.

Thank you yes it lands as a very difficult challenge-but not one that isn’t doable. Things shifted for me mentally and recovery wise when I put their connection and needs in front of my wanting to implode. Support from my sponsor and support group has helped immensely. I don’t hesitate to send out a text to my sponsor n support group if in the middle of work im getting angry or sad as happened yesterday. It’s an “us” thing for sure🤘🏻Thank you for being here🤘🏻

And I finally completed EMDR And continued talk therapy for trauma based reactions to relationships.