Please help me. I need to understand normal

What does it mean to get sober? To me it means a life of missing out… Wedding? All bachelorette parties? All work parties? I’d be so much easier to me if “normal” ppl didn’t take things like this so lightly.

The only thing I am missing out on is all the things alcohol fucked up for me. I haven’t found anything yet where I have thought - this isn’t doing it for me sober, I should have a drink to make it better. That includes concerts and weddings. What I thought alcohol was making better, it was just masking reality.


It means you no longer have to depend on alcohol to have fun.

It means you don’t have to hide behind that you have no personality sober.

Remember what made you happy as a child. Be that again.

If you can’t have fun sober, you aren’t really having fun.

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I’m only on week one and I’ve had to keep my same routine but without the drink. I’ve told my closest straight away. Normally the last two nights would have been drinking, but my family that I stay with on a Wednesday and Thursday have stayed off the drink during my visit. We’ve had a great couple of days and my dad is now thinking about joining me on my new journey.

Life is so much better off the drink All.

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None of us could imagine life without alcohol at the beginning, it’s part of everything we did. Boredom, oh yes life was sooo boring as well. How can we possibly enjoy ourselves ever again.
Gradually we change, to start with we try and change the way we think, I don’t think I want to drink anymore. Then we realise with time we have to change the things we do, find things in life that are not connected with alcohol. For me this was literally everything, so I then had to spend time with myself for a change, I stopped looking for help from outside and started to look at how to cope with life from the inside, meditation helped with that. Then very slowly one at a time I tried to put back in my life the things I used to enjoy doing with alcohol, some things were still boring bc it turned out they were always boring and I only did them to pass the time while drinking. Other things were OK and it turned out they became better sober with my full concentration.
none of this happens overnight, I still haven’t been to a party but I only drank at them bc I didn’t want to be there anyway. You can enjoy life but first, change your mind, change your life, change how you see life, change how you see you, change for the better.


Been to all those things sober and plenty more and meet people there who havnt got a drink problem but just dont drink ? normal people , try a meeting meet people who have stopped drinking and started to live sober lifes wish you well


Why would you be missing out? You can still do all those things and be sober. The difference is that you will be in control of your actions, rather than the alcohol controlling you, and you will wake up with a clear head and fond memories, rather than a hangover and shame.


A lot of my social situations revolved around drinking, until they didn’t. I do different things and see different people (if you need alcohol to enjoy someone’s company, it’s no great loss).

My social interactions aren’t filled with shame, regret, blackouts etc. There are plenty of good reasons that I don’t drink, and being sober means I don’t have to go through that all again. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

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