Please if you have advice for at home detox from opioids


I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. I’ve have been snorting heroin for the past year or so everyday. I went to the dr and got subutex and about two months ago I took a piece of a sub when I thought I was ready (my anxiety made me think I was in withdrawal) and let’s just say that didn’t go too well, I’ve never been so sick in my life, for two days straight. By the third day I couldn’t take it anymore and got some heroin. And of course continued to use again. I’ve cut down of how much I use each day but I still know I have a high tolerance so I want to try the subutex again for only the first five days but I can’t get passed the anxiety. Is there any recommendations on what I should do for the anxiety? I mean I’m not just anxious I get severe anxiety that makes it debilitating to do anything. I mean I actually could get passed the throwing up and sickness I felt when I took the subutex too soon a couple months ago. I gave in on day 3 when my anxiety was so bad at night I couldn’t take it. Please help me.

It’s ruff. It’s really hard for the first three days. I layied in my bed, put my ear buds in and watched YouTube of my favorite music videos. You can scroll through all these past past there is allot of info. Good luck I’m on day 9 feel good just can’t sleep. It can be done

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As much as it sucks to say u mostly just have to wait it out. I’ve been shooting heroin for just over 17 years and I’m on the second half of my third day. It’s rough… to say the least. Rex is right tho, YouTube, Netflix, hot showers if u can manage but I prolly won’t even get to that til tomorrow… reading ppls stories on here helps too. Careful with the subs, go cold turkey. I usually just smoke as much weed as I can get my hands on.


In about 12 hours your rollercoaster ride will just stop. I’m on day 10 tomorrow I feel great just sleep every other night. But so stoked that I just beat that shit again

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Truthfully, after being so sick from the subs I actually don’t even look at subs at something that makes you feel better. I was able to get through the first two days of literally throwing up and shitting myself (sorry tmi) and literally couldn’t move out of the bed but couldn’t stay still in the bed either. Finally when the throwing up stopped on the third day i thought it would get better but the anxiety attack at night was so bad I caved. The sickness I could handle its bad don’t get me wrong but I know that my way of releasing the toxins. The anxiety I can’t help but feel like that feeling is never gonna end and that’s what makes me not be able to stick it out. I don’t think the anxiety is something I could just wait out. Thank you for your message and help :slight_smile:

Do you have access to a physician? I hate to recommend it, but perhaps a doc can prescribe you a small amount of xanax or something similar for a few days… perhaps a muscle relaxer to help you sleep thru the worst of it. There are many meditation videos on here. Give them a shot. They do help

Yes I’m going to see the dr today actually and I’m gonna tell him that I want to detox at home. I was gonna ask him if he recommends that. I told my parents this week so they actually know now and that will help me stick through this bc I never want to disappoint them so telling them I knew I was telling them bc I didn’t want to make an excuse to not go through this. I get so many mixed reviews about subs. Some people say it saved them for the first four days and others say it’s the worst thing ever. I don’t like the feeling on subs so I can’t imagine wanting to be on them for more then the four days I was planning on taking them plus I wasn’t going to take a lot of them just enough to make the physical withdrawals doable thanks for your advice I appreciate it truly

Good luck! Happy to hear you have support from your parents. I used subs for Percocet/oxy withdrawal, but i found docs prescribed way more dosage than needed. A small amount got me through. One strip lasted 5 to 7 days. However, if i can make it thru the physical withdrawal without sub, do that. Try baths with Epson salts and immodium ad helps tremendously with the poops. Hang tough…you CAN do this!!

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If You not i can make it thru without sub, do that. Sorry for the typo…

Thanks so much. Did you think taking sub helped you out?

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Absolutely helped me. Took away cravings, leg cramps/pain, stopped the diarrhea, and i was able to sleep. But i didnt take the prescribed amount. I took far less. Talk with your doc about it today. You may be taking too much or too little. The symptoms you said you had sounded like opiate withdrawal, but im not a doc so i dont know. Best to talk with your doctor today

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Unfourtantly the first 3 day are the worst I have never been so sick in my life. I made it through and you can to. You have first get rid of anything that may make you want to use again, get a strong support system, post in here often, especially if you are having a bad day, we are always here to help. I am here for you also.

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I appreciate everyone’s comments and the support. So nice to see how much people care of others :slight_smile:

I’m just loving seeing the Forum at work. Thanks to you all for asking and answering the important questions.

I’m a heroin addict and I’m on day 3… So far so good… But the only reason I’m doing pretty well is cause I’m on subs. This is like the 50th time I try to quit and hopefully I stick to it… You have to wait between 20-24 hours before you can take a sub depending how much dope you used and how potent it is… First few times I detoxed it was hardcore but last few times its been tolerable. You just have to get passed the 24 hours then take half a sub and smoke a lot of weed the first few days. If you don’t wait at least 20 hours then yea the subs are gonna make you go thru some horrible withdrawals. The only reason I keep going back is cause eventually I miss the feeling but I’mma do my best to stay clean I can’t keep putting my body thru that smh! Good luck to everyone!

How long are you gonna stay on the subs? I don’t want to stay on them too long at all. My dr told me to take a half of the subutex after ten hours not 24 hours but maybe bc it’s subutex and not subxone. If you’re in day three than you almost through the worst right? Does that mean you can stop taking the subs now?

My friend told me the doc said the same thing to him about waiting 10 hours before taking the sub and he got really sick. Idk I’ve done major reading and I’ve waited different hours and everytime I wait between 10-15 hours I always get sick but when I wait 20-24 I never do… Idk tho maybe it depends on your body. For sure I know I have to wait lol. I’m going to be on subs for the first 2 weeks then I’ll get off em cause I don’t want to get hooked lbs

I took it too soon bc I waited the 10 hours and I was so anxious and thought I was ready. Well I got sick for literally two days straight. I couldn’t move from the bed and was throwing up and sorry tmi but shitting myself. I literally couldn’t even get up on first day to move at all. The next day I still was so sick but I changed my clothes and my dad cleaned the mess I made for me and I laid down again throwing up I couldn’t even take a sip of water or I would throw up. But the third day I wasn’t really sick but I was terrified of subs so I got heroin to help me and even that I was dry heaving. So that’s why I’m so terrified of subs I don’t see subs as something that will make me feel better like right now I’m just waiting until I know I can take it to make me feel better but I’m scared of taking it too soon. When you wait 20-24 hours do you take a big piece?

Oh I know what you mean… I went thru all that the first few times I got cleaned… But yea you definitely have to wait 20-24 hours before you take a sub! Trust me it’ll be the worst 24 hours of your life but after the sub you’ll feel yourself again… I cut the pill in half and then I cut that half into a qter… I take the qter wait like 3-4 hours then take the other qter and depending how I feel that day I take another qter or save it for the next day… Honestly you only have to take subs for a week cause after you shouldn’t feel any withdrawals. The only reason I push it for 2 weeks is cause I’ll want to get dope and then I can tell myself “no point in getting dope I won’t feel it” Today I’m on day 5 I haven’t taken any subs but I feel fine :blush:

That’s awesome you should feel so proud of yourself. You think the subs help with the cravings?