Poetry is My Therapy

I started my journey today, and relapsed today. My original sobriety date was set for the 14th. Maybe I got a bit too anxious starting early. Wish I could’ve fought it, but I honestly did not feel like it. I’m going to try again for the 14th. But I like to write to work out my thoughts. Sorry to be a downer in a sea of people fighting everyday. Here is the poem I wrote:

My mind’s a little hazy
I like it though, I’m crazy
I like it in this phase see?
When everything’s amazing.
I do not mind the worries
It erases all the pain
What if sober is the crazy,
And high is what is sane?

The poem is not meant to be negative towards sobriety either. Sobriety is my mission. It’s just art, really.


Hi D.Barb - thanks for sharing your poem. I love writing too - all kinds, and it has been integral to my own sobriety/recovery journey. I also know how hard it can be to share writing - so thanks for putting your words out to us.

Your poem aside - I will say this: every single day is more and more evidence for me that the only antidote, the best one, to my worries and my pain is the ability to be present - one thing at a time, one moment at a time. And I can only do this when I’m sober. Otherwise - you’re right - they become overwhelming.

I can only be sober, and stay sober and work on recovery with the support and companionship of other sober souls - like all of those on this forum. So stick around, read around, and reach out. Glad you’ve joined us. :orange_heart:


Thank you :purple_heart:

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I’m glad you added that bc I nearly flagged it and I don’t flag anything. I’m glad I didn’t bc your poem actually sends a message of your confusion and the insanity that our addiction can do to us. If I can help in anyway even just a chat DM me. Take care :pray:


That is exactly why I did add it, because I never want to offend. It’s really just that, an Edgar Allen Poeish, thought process into this journey.

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Thank you for the encouragement! :purple_heart:

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oh god I gave up on thought process ages ago, my thoughts always ended up with a drink in my hand. Now I leave the thinking to a sponsor while I’m busy doing what he tells me, life is so much simpler when you stop fighting it and just give yourself to someone who actually knows how to stay sober and wants the same for you.

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I wrote a very personal, heartfelt break up letter with my empty wine glass (and everything poured into it) and read it out loud. I wrote it sober, read it sober, and set my days counter after reading it.
Maybe you could write your sobriety journey in poems? or other way of using your writing as one of the tools in your box?

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That is the ultimate goal. I started a Sobriety Journal yesterday. I even wrote about my struggles today. That’s a great idea to start incorporating my poetry into it though. Thanks for the advice!

Definitely. Support is always good to have. I never want to stop thinking for myself, but it definitely helps to have someone who wants sobriety for you, in your corner.

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Well we’re all in your corner, use us. :grin::+1:

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