Possible to get back on horse after relapse

From dec 2nd last year until 13th March I was sober no meth no weed.
Last 2 weeks have gone gung-ho at it . Still wanna quit guess I’m just disappointed. Total relapse but after today im back to sobriety illl check in in a weeks time feels hopeless but thats to be expected good moral compass i guess


It’s possible, absolutely possible. My last relapse lasted 2.5 months, included my kids being taken and a ride in a squad car. That was over 2 years ago now.

You can succeed like I did. Put all your effort into staying clean and sober today, today is the only day that matters when you’re trying to clean up. Past happened, future may happen, don’t let those 2 things destroy your ideal Today.


yea man it’s absolutely possible. this forum is full of people that are proof it’s possible. read on here and engage with others about what’s worked for others and try for yourself :slight_smile: don’t wait a week to check in here, check in tomorrow!

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