Post photos of your pets!


Me too that’s what hooked me initially (and that cute mug). What breed is the dog in your photo? He looks like he could be similar to mine (Am Staff)


He was part am staf, boxer, lab, chow? And some sight hound and other indistinguishable breeds. He was “plott hound mix” when we started fostering him. Then when we adopted him (2nd foster failure) I got a DNA test to see what he really was. The list above is what it came back with. We named him Mcfly because the name he came with was Martin.
Sadly he died last Monday after being let out by some workers and got hit by a car. It has been a rough couple weeks.


This is Venus :slight_smile:


Love this goofy & adorable shithead to pieces!!


I don’t have any pets myself. But this is my parents’ dog, puppy sized yet fully grown. She thinks she is an invisible snow doggo in her favourite blanket.


Oh my God I am so sorry. That is terrible. Take care of yourself, you’re in my thoughts!


Thank you. He was the happiest little boy. :cry: RIP McFly, we miss you so much


She looks like she is made of wax, very pretty


When your cat commandeers your arm


My friends cat Baloo. He loves to attack and try to debone my arm ever since he was a kitten. I love him to death, not complaining at all. What I don’t understand is that I am very much of a cat person, calm, I know how to approach animals. But I think he is Baloo being Baloo. He is so cool, he wouldn’t give a @#$% what anyone thinks of him. He is the king and has quite the following.


There were little pink hearts :two_hearts: floating above my head when I saw this :heart_eyes:


This is Mothman (I call him Meatball for some reason).


Callie girl, perched on my leg per usual on my days off


Drum kit! Can I borrow it? I’ve been meaning to learn :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s beautiful. And nice drum set, seriously. We’re going to have to make a TS jam session eventually.


She’s not spoiled. at. all. :roll_eyes:


Too cute! I could eat her ears right up!!


This is Charlie. Charlie likes peanuts. Charlie just put a whole peanut in its pouch. Be like Charlie. Look ridiculous more often. :laughing:


I want him!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Is that your house???