Post photos of your pets!


This is Mango doin’ a sleep. :heart_eyes::sleeping:


Lady brought her lead up this morning when she was ready for her walk :joy:



Fudge loves our granddaughters cradle.



This is Bella our pup and Zeek our new cat! They are the best of friends. They have honestly helped me through my recovery. I have no human kids but my fur babies are my life! :heart: 176 days sober and they keep me going.:heart:


This is probably not the place but my newly adopted dog is driving me nuts. I just got a bed and i cannot get him to not come on the bed. I’m trying to set a protocol that he is not allowed on the bed but I was up all night hearing him whine and pace, and then jump up once I fell asleep, which woke me back up. He is not crate trained (we are working on it). He has his bed at the foot of mine, with clothes that smell like me, and puzzle toys. I’m. So. Tired.

Look at this asshole


Anytime this thread gets new life, you can bet I’m posting a picture of Jett.


Haha my dog is always an asshole, it happens! I kennel mine at night next to me on the floor, he has one in my bedroom and one in my living room. I’ve allowed mine to fall asleep on my bed lately after he was kennel trained (first dog ever I’ve let do that) but as soon as he moves and wakes me up at night he goes down in his kennel and he is usually oddly happy with that plan. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!


This is Teepa, one of my kiddos. I’m a cat rescuer, and I managed not to neglect that job even when I was drinking, the cats always came first. They keep and have kept me hanging on.



Greta Girl

Alduin, our latest addition.


Posted this pic last week, then took it down quickly as I wasn’t sure if I was ready to post pics of my kids just yet. Here’s our Phoenix :dog2: Fierce, loving and loyal. I’ve never loved a dog so much, as all of the animals I’ve ever had growing up were selfish assholes lol. She was dropped off at a no-kill shelter as a pup and they desperately needed someone to take her in as they hardly had any room to keep her. My husband said no, and I said YES :grin:


I had a shepherd growing up named Pandora who was basically my parent. I don’t usually care about breeds but those dogs have a very special place in my heart.


sunbathing pibbles.


Thank you! Last night was much better. I think he was really excited by “new furniture that mommy likes” And also I gave him a couple Benadryl (he has been scratching a lot) and that seemed to help. He slept on my dirty laundry instead of his bed but a step in the right direction :rofl:


Yayy!!! That’s awesome progress! My dogs have honestly never slept on a dog bed unless we were camping and it was in the kennel to keep him warm underneath with my newest boy. Otherwise, he starts eating in within 5 minutes…lol. The rest could care less unless it was under my feet because that’s where they ALWAYS were. :heart_eyes:


He’s youngish and I want him crate trained so he can sleep there eventually. He can’t sleep on the bed because he bites me when he’s too excited :roll_eyes:


Here’s my Steven looking so proud of himself cause he sat down to get petted instead of jumping and biting me


Haha I have always loved when dogs are named human names like Steven.