Post photos of your pets!


I LOVE her.


Oh thanks me too! She is really great :slight_smile:


Meet Soul Patch! Lulu and Soul Patch lost their mom about a week ago. I think she got hit by a car. Young sweet kitty, she was going to be fixed. Now I feed these monsters three times a day. I made them a little kitty house. I am desperately trying not to get attached to them. Hoping they will be placed in loving homes, hopefully together.


I love their names :blush: thankful they have you. Do you volunteer for a cat rescue network? Hard not to get attached to them, hell, I get attached to the squirrels that best in the maple tree outside my bedroom.


No, Venus is fine and happy. Just like you I even get attached to my pet bugs that come into my house. I have worked with organisations before but now I do what I can with a handful of people who are doing the same. The story is long. Small town and I am new here. Taking it one minute at a time. These fuzzy little things are my other addiction.



I think he wants something



…So cute :heart_eyes:


The Girl was visiting us at the AA helping phone on thursday, forgot to Post a pic


This is Samsquanch (aka Sammi, Simmity-Sam-Sam, Sam, or Mr Fluffypants


And another of Samsquanch wearing a tiny cowboy hat. He is not amused



here is Teddy! And Benny.


went to the beach.



wish my pup wasn’t terrified of other dogs :disappointed:


This is Carmel, the house cat at the resource center I volunteer at. He loves me :blush:


This is Quinns “share your Spageters” face


This is Aaron…my x-girlfriends dog that we gimageot as a pup back then…