Post photos of your pets!


Sober day with my lazy bums :upside_down_face:


This is amazing!


I’m the crazy dog lady :sunglasses:


That’s No Name. My daughter found him last month in the middle of the road all bloody. She brought him home, nursed him back to health, took him to the vet to get shots, dewormed and ears cleaned. He’s a part of the family now.


I’ve got a 4 pack too :two_hearts:

Woops, missed one, that’s 5! My husband put his foot down at 4 otherwise I’d have more :rofl:


I got the mom and 4 babies. If they weren’t all family I’d probably get more :rofl:

I love these guys!!!


I always post photos of the dogs so here’s one of the cats bout to blow kisses


My sober pal and constant companion.


She didn’t even care that I was cooking…


Neither did this one!



TPB fan? I love the name!


Is that a Leonberger?


Sure is. Aaron is his name


Nobody builds nests like this pair. They work together to find every free blanket in the house, and bring it to a mutually agreed upon location. Dragging blankets up stairs, down stairs, doesn’t matter. There is five blankets in this pile. None of them were there when I left for my run this morning.


Hes awesome!! I would love to see a fullsized picture!


Spot on! As soon as we saw him we knew his name had to be Samsquanch


I absolutely love it, it fits him well and hes a worthy namesake! :grin:


I want a Golden Retriever sooooo bad! :heart_eyes:


Now this is pretty stinkin’ cute :joy: