Post photos of your pets!


I do! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: i have the mama and her 4 puppies. I love being home!!!


Stop taking photos and feed me!


he hates his antlers…


“Sorry, new users can’t post pics” :pensive:


Mr Fluffypants (Samsquanch… again)


a dog and her chicken.


Welcome!! Give it some time, can’t wait to see your pets!


Some days I think my fur baby needs a fur sibling :dog2: She’s always looking and waiting for the neighbors dog to come out and to play/chase along the fence.


My husband Fire Marshall Bill’d the puppy :roll_eyes:



Uuuh. A bernese Mountain dog. Love em


I feel like he’s starting to really look old in this pic, but he has my heart none the less.


My orphans Lulu and Soul Patch were taken away from their safe place on Sunday. I am hoping that they went to a loving home together, not to some kid to play with and abandon them once get older.


I LOVE your animals! :heart_eyes:


Passed out, drooling on momma time


dog still has her chicken


:cat::blue_heart: My Octo.


He looks adorable!! I love this pose lol


So cute!! I bet that fur is super soft :heart::two_hearts:


I absolutely adore it when my girls snuggle like this :heart_eyes: