Post photos of your pets!


enstyle1540871221467 her name is zoey!


Trixie Cat :paw_prints:


Working on the selfie training with my new pup Beasley.

He’ll get there lol


My 20 yr old Martin. Stole my favorite OSU blanket


He has me well trained


This boy is highly unimpressed that I took his brand new toy to photograph the destruction caused in a matter of minutes…and it’s supposed to be “industructable”…but that face!!:laughing:


Why you touching my stuff…lol


Spectacular condition cat.
Love him!


Puppies are so awesome. My mini wienie just turned one and he’s such a lovebug😍


My biggest emotional support🖤


This is my dog Jackson. He’s really my parents dog. We got him when I was still living with my parents. Since then my fiancé and I moved out & cannot have a dog. So he still lives with my parents, but make no mistake, hes still my little boy. Whenever I go home, he cuddles up next to me & gives me all the loving. Hes a giant cuddle bug.
This picture was taken while I was sleepong. He always used to sleep in my bed with me and cuddle. Most often he would be the little spoon and i could drape my arm over him like a stuffed animal. But sometimes like this he would lay up by my chest and put his paw on my heart.


Those eyes! Gorgeous!


He was confused by the first snow this year at first, this was quickly replaced by joy and frolicking in it. Winter has officially arrived in Maine!


When my dog sees this she is going to freak. She LOVES jumping in snow! Snow day for the kids!


I don’t have a pet, but…


Jax he is a begger


My Pica! Only about 4 pounds…


Ok 1 more… don’t mind mess we were in the middle of moving out…and Pica wanted all her toys where she could see them…:slight_smile:


Awesome! Are you near Maine too?


So love this face! And he loves his snow!!