Post photos of your pets!


Dang! Pretty cat😉


Certified 90% fur :joy:


So may I introduce to you
The act you’ve known for all these years
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

This is our rescue, Sgt. Pepper.


Samsquanch lounging in the top left pocket of the pool table


That’s quite the headshot!


Samsquanch is going to be horrified you posted this online.

So cute…


Nah, man… He’d be cool with it. He loves attention


It’s like he keeled over dancing to Thriller, I love it




Another cat lounging however he well wants to:


My little friend taking his sunday morning nap. He is such a nice cat. Came from the animal shelter I was volunteering in. Was brought in sick, almost didn’t make it. While with us he went very sick again, recoverd after a lot of care. So I definitely have a cat with many lives!!


I still just absolutely love his name, every time I see him I smile! :slight_smile:


Had to keep an eye on this little character for the weekend. Which, because of my allergy, wasn’t an exciting prospect.
It must be his short hair, but it hasn’t been much of a problem at all!
I won’t be buying one immediately though, not until scientists invent dogs that don’t poop.


Look at that sweetheart! Mine has that same look😂


Serious nappage going on here😴


It started off a bit like a ‘As Good as it Gets’ situation, but he was so cute I had to give up pretty much immediately and we became best buddies after about 15 minutes.


Sgt. Pepper loves watching the Seahawks!

Go Hawks!


Omg, that’s cute!


He didn’t care when the Lions/Rams game was on, but as soon as the Hawks came on, he jumped up to watch. Silly cat.