Post photos of your pets!


Cat on the roof…





This is my baby girl Luna. She’s a Great Pyrenees pup. She’s six months old and will be around 100lbs when fully grown. She’s amazing and I love her so much. Right now she’s laying with me because she knows I’m struggling today. I also have another fur baby coming home on January 10th. He’s a black lab puppy and I can’t wait to cuddle him too. :sparkling_heart:


My Tony. He always makes a face when I want to make a picture


Oh my God, Tony!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I want to boop his nose so bad!


Morning walk last weekend with our boys and Phoenix.


I know what you feel so I will boop it for you… beep :scream_cat::heart:


Still working up courage to post my selfie. But this is Tofu. She has gained 2 lbs in last year and vet said no more! So Tofu is now in recovery from people food, including cheese, her favorite, and puppy lattes from Starbucks (yes that’s a thing). She’s on day 9, just like me.


There are actual chicken sweaters out there lol


My little pup, and my first pup, is my little spoon too. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My faves!


I got another bird for my bird! The green/ Yellow one is new. His name is Lemon and my other bird I had longer her name is Coco.


My morkie puppies!


My doggo Sophie.



I don’t know how she tolerates me.


Our little Gunny laying on her back. We bring her home on 22 December.


News from Chapo
El Chapo was an almost blind orphan. She (we thought it was a he, hence the name) was nurtured back to health with the help of my neighbor. We were able to save some sight on her right eye. She was a handful when she couldn’t see and so small that I had to make her a ramp so she could climb up and down to the bed. At the end, she got adopted by my sweet neighbor who already had a dog and three cats. They decided to move to France and off she went. She showed them all the alternative routes unknown to common people. Now enjoying mulled wine by the fireplace with her sister Waffie. Happily ever after…


Tuxedo cats are different, having one so I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have read somewhere once that; male tuxedos with long hair are one of the smartest ones. I don’t know if there any scientific facts to back it up but all the ones I met are smart and have a personality with high confidence. Meet my neighbor’s kitty Baloo. He is sharper than me.