Post photos of your pets!


I’ve got another cat Lucy, she’s a grouchy old lady that we joke works at the DMV. And Ginger, the Aussie mix that’s always busy bossing everyone around. All 4 get along g pretty well but these 2, in the pic, have a special bond.


My favorite pic of them together.




My little bird person. He’s a grumpy, middle-aged brat, lol.


What a stunner!


Thanks hes a handsome beast



She’s being quite the baby today.



Happy Christmas from Holly in the tinsel


Samsquanch filled with enthusiasm for the day…

And Zippo at least up and slightly more animated :grinning:


Could you have picked cooler names for your cats lol I love em!


The cat trap was set…a small suitcase.
We didn’t have to wait long.
Zippo captured without incident or injury


This reminds me of the story about someone accidentally mailing their cat a while back, I believe over 1000km away to Montreal. It jumped into an open box and it just got sealed and shipped before anyone realized the cat was missing.


Cat trap has caught a second cat.




Colton likes his toys it seems!


Annnnndddddd in record time he gets two birds stoned at once by destroying both Kong toys and making my mattress protector all dirty while my bedding is in the washer lol He’s been full of it all day today, I think he likes Christmas! Cute little bahstad! :heart: