Post photos of your pets!


Someone won’t stop licking her spay incision and has earned the cone of shame.


Here’s Chief the day he got the ol’ snip-snip.

If its not evident enough, he wasn’t thrilled.


I laughed SO hard out loud at this!!!


@MandiH @anon59060877. Thank you :smiley:

I have never felt so bad as that day when I picked him up from the surgery, he was so miserable post-op.

I took the whole day off work and cuddled with him on the floor the rest of the day. Lots of snacks and ear scratches for Chief that day.


He was my boyfriends dog… but he loves me more lol


Warm Siamese blanket on me



Ooh, today they can share! Not happily but they are! Lol.


Omg. This dog cracks me up!!


Great names :rofl:


Just a bunch of kids playing with some bubbles :rofl:


Such a pretty boy


Can see that from the look in your cats eyes.


Who is the cutest of them all? lol :heart_eyes::bird:


It’s amazing how much this girl has changed my entire way of thinking in less than 3 weeks. I haven’t felt this safe in years.


So stinking cute. It’s exciting waiting for the day to come. I felt that was for 2 1/2 months waiting to being mine home.


My little Milly and Alfie. Waking up to day 4 they’ve been the perfect companions when the cravings hit :blush:



Yours is adorable too!! :heart_eyes:
Right!? My pup Luna I know is going to flip right out when she meets him for the first time. Cannot wait! Counting down the days. :blush:


opening a gift. And be is a gift for sure :heart: