Powerful cravings

After about a million times, I am still fighting a tough battle. I had 7 years of sobriety so I know I can do it. But jeez the cravings are intense. I’m so tired :weary: of being an alcoholic. But I know I will have this disease for life so it’s got to stop sometime. Might as well be today :roll_eyes::pray:


Words have power.

7 years is incredible and you’re right, it is something that can not only be done again but can also be passed.

Instead of “might as well” use something affirming and concrete like “I choose to succeed today.”

It’s proven that self-talk can make or break the mind.

You have this within you.

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Thank you :smiling_face:

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For those who have a bit of time in, how long does it take to get a normal sleeping pattern back in?

How are you getting on Alice? I find my sleep cleans up about a week in and gets really good from there.

Hope you are doing well and still fighting.