Propper mental

Hello all! Am I the only one who actually thinks it’s mental the the laws have now apposed that all pubs are to open at 6 am? (England) with out opening up anything else, I. E rehab, counciling etc etc… Personally it’s wrong and disgusting, people out there who now have to fight the urge not only to not have a drink, but to have a casual walk and seeing people drinking. I happen to know someone who’s just had a baby, and he had to wait out side because of this distancing lark! Couldn’t even be at his own sons birth. It’s all wrong. Is this happened anywhere else?


I don’t live in the UK, but I too find that utter ridiculous

still closed in Scotland

I’m in UK and I totally agree with you

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100% brother. Its absolutley crazy

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You’d think yeah, mind you the US is more stricter than the UK. How sever, if we get ciught with a screwdriver in our pockets over hear, we’d get arrested lol. You lot in the othe hand can get guns by law. It’s mental, and you’ve got the highest gun crime lol. Don’t make sense

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Crazy. It’s all basically opened here now