Psychiatric ward


I was today on my appointment with psychiatrist.
I wanted meds for my depression and social anxiety, but instead she told me I have to go on rehab.
I was crying my eyes out, but now I’m okay with it.
I’m gonna treat it as some kind of vacations. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow and I hope that they’re gonna take me at the same day.

I’m not really a traveler, but I’d rather to spend vacation in Thailand than in psychiatric ward, but I’m okay with that.
My second vacations are gonna be so much better :slight_smile:

I’m happy, that I’m making progress! :heart:


I wish you the best. I’ll be praying for you. I hope your Anxiety and Depression get better I know how it can be.Keep your head up and keep fighting like hell.


I know this was not what you wanted - but you are looking at it in the best possible way. Use this time to focus on yourself. Rest, listen to the counselors - even if what they say sounds bizarre. Rest some more. Be gentle with yourself.

For me, depression and anxiety got so much better after having been sober for a bit. I wasn’t constantly messing with my brain chemistry as it tried to ride waves of alcohol, and I think my antidepressant finally had a fighting chance of working.

May your next vacation find you in a much happier, healthier place. I’m betting it will.:heart:


Take care. All in good time. You will get better.:unicorn:


I did two separate stays in a psychiatric ward due to crippling anxiety and a massive problem with alcohol and benzos. Both saved my life. When I got out of the hospital this time I went to IOP for 4 months. IOP is phenomenal! Take this ride with and open mind, open heart, and wide open eyes. Make this experience work for you and a healthy future. Do lots of resting. When you get out start working towards that goal of a better vacation.

I’m very proud that you are looking at this in a positive way and following through on your doctors recommendation. You’ve got the right attitude!