Psychic readings for sobriety

Hi, I posted this a while ago (when I first realised I was becoming Psychic) but now 9 months later, in my sober and my Psychic journeys, I’m keen to offer some people readings to help on their journey.
I can do readings via email, I’m mostly keen to help those who still feel they need insight into their addiction and how to move forward.


Aww, that’s super nice of you. Very interesting to me, I’m very “in tune” myself, I just don’t have that particular gift but I do appreciate those that do! Interesting journey while you’re sober, huh?

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Ditto!!! I’d appreciate any insight I can get for my recovery!

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You’ll likely appreciate the pictures I took of a few of my stones tonight, ready to be bathed in the full moons light. :heart:


Throw a carnelian heart in there for me girrrrrl!!!

Oh good call!! I’ll go find one now!

Hi alexmel! I actually wanted to get a psychic reading before I went into rehab not too long ago – so I’d be really interested in recieving any insight if you have the time!

Oh those are purdy!

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I’m going away for a couple of days tomorrow, but I’ll try to read for those interested before the end of the week.


I would be honored if you could give me a reading!

I like the sound of this, count me in too please.

Hi, I’m interested, count me in please :blush:

I would be really interested in having a reading if you have the time please. Thank you, it is a lovely thing to offer.

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Im down with that. Will I get a better job?