Questions from the very newly sober

I am five days sober today (!), and I’m experiencing some physical and emotional things I never really thought of before getting sober. Wondering if anyone has some insight into them, or any other advice for me!

  1. I never really had a sweet tooth during my drinking, but now I seem to crave sweet things several times a day.

  2. I feel tired so often. I used to stay up till at least 2 every night, and now I’m tired and ready for bed by 10. I even find myself wanting a nap in the middle of the day after getting a solid 8 hours of sleep the night before.

  3. I’m sure this is not unusual, but I keep trying to talk myself into thinking I can have just one drink. Like, I’ll just have one glass of wine, I’m not really addicted, I just want to have a little bit to relax and unwind.

  4. (This one’s more of a brag): I’ve lost 4 pounds since I’ve stopped drinking. I’ve been going to the gym almost every day and focusing on eating healthier and staying within my calorie budget. I’ve wanted to lose weight for a couple years now (I gained 40 pounds from drinking), and I never could lose much weight because I just kept drinking. I’m finally doing it!


Hey!!! Congrats on five days sober!!! Woot wooo! Just wanted to chime in to let you know all that is toooootally normal :slight_smile:
I slept soooo much the first month. Giving your body time to heal by giving it as much rest as you can is one of the best things you can do in my opinion!
The sweet tooth thing totally rings true with me! I’m at about 8 months sober…and I hadn’t had this much ice cream in ten YEARS of heavy drinking.:joy:. Sugar and alcohol break down the same way in our bodies for the most part, so your body is now looking for a healthier way to get sugar into it. I went with the suggestions of those w more s variety time than me and I have giving myself permission to eat ice cream for now (and I’m still 15lbs lighter than I was when I was drinking!)
Again…congratulations on five days!! Very glad you found this forumn. Keep fighting!
Much Love,

Indeed, all of that is normal. The sweet tooth early on is common. If you feel weird, try having a little bite before caving to craving.

That voice for one drink and different sleeping patterns also totally normal. I know I can’t do just one drink, so I tell the voice to bug off.

It’s great you’re exercising! I find that helps a lot and also aids sleep. It’s also not strange to be up awake.

You’re doing great!

Oh my goodness - totally normal!

I ate my weight in Moose Tracks ice cream for my first 90 days. I’ve since replaced that with Halo Top. It’s gotten better, but I still deal with those sugar cravings.

I was exhausted - mentally and physically - for several weeks. Even though I was waking up hangover free for the first time in a very long while, I was still flu-level tired and achy.

And yep, that little voice comes at such unexpected times. Try to have a sober friend to call or text when you start believing that you can have “just one.” Or reach out here. You know that little voice is a dang liar.

You are doing great and are perfectly normal. Slowly, it does get better.

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Yep all normal!

  1. Alcohol has lots of sugars! You ripping that away from your body it is in shock! So, sweet tooth is your replacement. You can slowly ween yourself off the sugar.

  2. When you drink a lot, your energy is off the charts from you slamming all that sugar in you body. Your brain chemistry is also out of balance. The chemistry, tiredness and sleep will take a few weeks to get back to equilibrium. Gym makes your tired too! Eat healthy, vitamins and supplements to help. Plus, your body is on super heal and recovery mode! Weird fact, when you fall asleep drinking, your body was stuck processing alcohol, and now your body is doing the restoration work it was suppose to be doing all along.

3.The Wine Witch, beer bastard or liquor loser will use manipulation, deceit and any trick to break your sobriety. Your rational mind is on to this, and has made you self aware! Listen to you! Not the inner voice!

  1. Awesome your seeing weight loss results already!

Hello, welcome!

You sound just like me! haha

I have 26 days sober, and I’ve eaten more dessert in these 26 days than I have in the past 8 years haha

Your sleep will even out, but if you can take the nap, definitely take the nap.

I’ve also been losing weight, despite eating so many cupcakes!

Keep up the good work! :hugs:


Thanks for all your insights! I’ve made it through seven days!! :blush: