Quit again

Hi there

I quit before, but started again
Now my best friend is to a clinic and it really makes me think.
I can’t go to a clinic unfortunately but I really wanna quit.
Só here I am again. 18hours now clean and sober from cocaïne weed and alcohol

I really need some support I can’t do this alone


The famous line " just take it a day at a time" . Today is the only day you have control of. Make it clean and sober one. Maybe try going to an AA/NA meeting near you may help alot. Anyone is welcome and you dont need insurance to go. Not much is free in life anymore but this may be the most priceless valuable tool you can have to make new sober friends.


And when a day at a time is too much, an hour at a time. Even a minute. Still overwhelmed? Remember: “The only thing I need to do in order to see better times beyond this pain is to just exist.” Time passes without giving you a say. So use that to your advantage. You can exist through the hardest of moments. Time will pass, and you will find yourself in better times before you know it. As long as you can exist through single moments without using, you can exist through more of those moments. String enough of them together and you can call it sobriety :slight_smile:


Glad you came here. Addiction flourishes in loneliness and dies in community.


The absolute best part of AA. No ones in it for the money, it’s all about sobriety.


Thank you all for the comment.
I need it Thank you. It’s just so hard and everything comes at the same time.
I’m ill and have flu, next to that again I believed a man in trust and words and it was all bullshit… So here I am all alone on the couch feeling fucked up.
And the most fucked up thing is, I can’t go to a clinic what I really badly want again… Cuz then they stop my help in depts and have more problems…
Really don’t know what to do…