“Quit like a woman” book talk

Yes, she is a really good writer. She also has a sub stack she promotes on IG. I haven’t gotten into sub stack as I have plenty to read. I’m going to do a retreat at some point this year. Spiritual or sobriety focused, one in the same for me : )

If you’ve done any cool retreats, I’d love some recs. I’m going to ask about it in the TLC board as well.


I haven’t done any, but am always on the lookout. This one happens to be within driving distance and combines restorative yoga and recovery…so it is of interest. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Alan Car book is fanatastic!! It really made me think about the facts surrounding alcohol- havent touched a drop since i read it!

Also Sobering by Melissa Rice is a favourite of mine! Made me cry when i read it but i lived every second of it


Thank you for the recommendations!!

Quote from the book that I liked:

It is in Chapter 5 about how alcohol cannot be measured. How there is no Stage IV alcoholism.

“…. because alcoholism can get you at any time, but especially when you get lazy about remembering you have it.”

I hope everyone is having a NOT SO “LAZY” day today! You are all bad-asses so keep up the HARD work :heart: