Quitting vaping (nicotine)

I am in the steel grip of vaping. In Australia at lots of convenience stores you can buy disposable vapes with nicotine. The problem is that its illegal so there is no one tracking what is put in them. Quitting vaping has been harder than alcohol. I know i need to do it because a study has shown that there are ingredients from nail polish remover in these vapes but I cant stop!! Been vaping for 1.5 years and didnt smoke before. Tried smoking instead of vaping to taper off as I cant smoke a whole cigarette (hate the taste) haha. Let me know if you have any advice!!

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Yes! Join this thread. :grin:

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Thank you!!

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I smoked cigs for decades, like almost 4 of them. In 2015 I switched to vaping. Ended up consuming probably twice the nicotine as cigs because I’d vape all the time.

I quit 4 years ago. Cold turkey. Just fucking did it. The withdrawals, the bad ones, lasted 6 days. I spent those 6 days on the couch, watching youtube and netflix and whatever. By the 7th day, I felt alive. By the 6th week, felt almost normal.

Those 6 days sucked, but it was quick.

Ive tried pills, gum, patches etc. Those only reduced the intensity of withdrawal but prolonged it, sometimes by months. Cold turkey was fast and I’ll tell you, it was bad enough that I’ll never do it again!

Good luck!


I agree. I smoked for 20 years and just stopped 18 AUG 2008 and never looked back. Not one drag was my slogan. If you have the will power, that is best way.


NOPE! (Not One Puff Ever) was and is mine. Never looked back. Ten days was the worst withdrawal for me. Like the flu. Let’s do this @Kiks2 !


What I found during my 12 years of smoking was the entire habit is an issue. Not just the nicotine part of it, but the fixation and sensation of smoking. I did vape for a while myself, which was worse in the sense of nicotine consumption. Vaping also has all of the flavors that enhance the experience.

I changed my habits starting with my routines, switched to the gum, and from there I just quit. In the end, I realized that I could have saved myself some time if I just worked through and committed to quitting in the first place instead of making excuses based on my fear of the unknown.


Yep. Im on the Gold Coast. 11 months sober from Alcohol. About 6 months since a ciggie. But the vaping is chronic. I smashed the vapes when i ran out of nicotene but came across the reusables at the tobacconist. Best ive done this time around is about 10 days. Keep resetting the time on that one. Its like im scared to be without my little idol. Gotta stop , not there yet. Glad i found this post. Thanks.
The plan at the moment seems to be to suck every dot of nicotine out of the remaing vapes then not buy any more and put them in a public bin. The last time i put then in a bag in the wheelie bin i retrieved them. Yuk. Thats out of contol vape junkie addict behaviour. I hate the withdrawal and cravings. I know they are the gateway to freedom and those feelings won’t kill me. The steel grip, with ya on that one. Please help me Yeshua to overcome this bad habit and enjoy your freedom and not transfer my addiction to glutony again. Nail polish yuck.

Ok showtime.
Just threw awy the last two vapes 8n a b8n where i cannot retrieve them.


Good luck! It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make :muscle:

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NOPE is good

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Allen Carr Easyway audiobook.

Made something that seemed impossible a lot more easier.

Bit like AA


Day 5
Cravings reducing

Still there though


Way to go! Sounds like you are over the hump and on the downward wave! Keep it up!

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Nearly a full week now


How it going?

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