R u an introvert?

My spouse keeps talking to me while I’m busy with TS while watching tv. He thinks I’m interested in everything he has to say. I just say really or hmmmm and he keeps talking. Does he expect me to participate in a real conversation? I don’t think so. So, we’re good.:unicorn:
I think I’m an introvert…at least for now. That’ll probably change in a few minutes.


I’m not sure that’s introversion. For me being an introvert means I can only socialize for short periods of time then I need to go home and recouperate. (I used to be able to count on alcohol to get me through a full party)

Not listening to my husband ramble on about whatever is more about me not giving a shit. I like to watch hockey like all good Canadians but I couldn’t give a shit about stats, or some game from 2 weeks ago (or sometimes two DECADES ago). Just let me be to read or whatever.