Radical Compassion

I have signed up for this and would like to share with anyone who might be interested. Tara Brach’s meditations have been invaluable in my recovery. I have no idea what this will be like, but I am intrigued.

Dear Friend,

As we enter into this new decade, it’s never been more important to dedicate ourselves to awakening compassion in our hearts and in our world.

In this spirit, I’d like to invite you to join me January 21-30, 2020 for The Radical Compassion Challenge —a free 10-day online event to help build a global movement of Compassion in Action.

Each day of The Radical Compassion Challenge brings short talks and guided meditations on core topics such as self-compassion, self-forgiveness, seeing goodness and deepening lovingkindness , along with suggestions and ideas that will help you contribute to a more loving world in a real and practical way.

The Radical Compassion Challenge also features daily interviews with leading teachers and visionaries:

Elizabeth Gilbert * Van Jones * Jon Kabat- Zinn
Valarie Kaur * Dacher Keltner * Kristin Neff * Sandra Oh
**Maria Shriver * Daniel J. Siegel *** Krista Tippett

You will be able to tune in as these thought leaders share their insights on learning to move beyond bias and dividedness, realizing our mutual belonging, living from love and cultivating a fearless heart, and much more…

The Radical Compassion Challenge is FREE and registration is open now! Here’s where you can sign up.

With loving blessings,



I like her work a lot. Thanks for sharing!! I am signed up.

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awesome! i really like a lot of these people :heart:

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I thought about getting the audio book…but I still need to finish Radical Acceptance

Bumping this for anyone who might be interested in signing up. PLUS another one of my favs, Sharon Salzberg is doing a daily meditation challenge in February. Sign up here: https://www.sharonsalzberg.com/2020-real-happiness-challenge/


It wont let me register :disappointed_relieved:

It’s on my very long reading list, really looking forward to it. Hubby and brother both bought me books for Christmas which I now feel obliged to read first sigh

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Huh, weird!

The tara one…says invalid email, but it’s not. Ah well

I don’t know if one of us could forward our email to you? It’s too far away for me to remember, but if you want me to try, remind me nearer the time! :blush:

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Ahh bless you thanks sweetie, Ariel sent me the link again and I got it to work…exciting :blush:


I am signed up, will see if I find the time to listen/watch. :heartpulse:

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I missed this today and I really need to go to bed now. Will try and do double tomorrow. How long does it take @Jane.c?

I feel like this is exactly what I need at the minute because of the headspace I’m in, but also this headspace means I may not do it… Will see what tomorrow brings :pray::sparkling_heart:

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