Re-Birth Recovery The Journey

September 14 2019 , 12: 30 Am I have Relapsed after 6 years because of my wife divorced …family still supports …Sometimes …past gonna makes your present so I fell down but from Sep 14 I have clean and sober …Thanks God my higher power helps me Always and This time I am trying to go with steps …


Even if family doesn’t support all the time just remember that you are doing this for you not them. I’m glad your staying the course now and it will be tough down the road with feelings that may arouse for your ex wife. It will take time because for some the love will never go away even when you don’t get along. I wish you luck with your recovery and stay positive.

Were you working a program when you relapsed? What is your DOC? It’s easy to blame others when we fall down or lose our sobriety. When the smoke clears, we lost our sobriety because we gave in. We didn’t have a backup plan. Either we didn’t have a sober support group to turn to or didn’t use them. It’s wonderful to have the support of family while recovering, but we need more than that. We need to be working some kind of program. We need to keep in touch with our support group and call them when we have crazy thoughts or cravings. You should NEVER CRAVE ALONE Call someone, post here, do something or let someone else sober know so they can help you. Remember, you never have to drink/use again even if you want to.

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