Reading the big book

Still really happy to be sober was reading the big book and it says not to think fondly off the times u were drinking I believe that’s true bc if I think about it a lot then I crave it


Just remember this is a one day at a time program. The first 164 pages of the big book has all the answers to live life on life’s terms. But for the grace of God go I.

Looks you pretty aa active …
Im looking for a sponser how can i get someone to sponser me by skype or other ways im now far away from home …

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I’m not in AA I just read the book I don’t have time to go to meetings I’m always at work

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Oh trust me I know I do take it one day at a time

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This is so true, especially during the summer, when alcohol seems to be glorified everywhere we look.

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What works for me is making sobriety the number one priority in my life. Without sobriety nothing else will exist. Also coming to the realization that I have no power over alcohol and then turning my life and will over to the care of a Higher Power of my understanding. I have tried other ways and it has not work for me in the past. Once I accepted that this is a spiritual program and started working with my sponsor coinciding with working on the 12 steps and attending meetings, my life started to change for the better. I have learned how to live life along with the ups and downs that it entails through the 12 steps and having a spiritual awakening. Have a great sober and safe day my friends.