Reasons to Not reset my timer

Its been 5 days! Give me reasons to not reset my timer! What works for you?


Just feel like reaching out. Anxiety, body physically telling me to. I know i cant


For me it’s two fold - remembering all the reasons I wanted to stop, had to stop in the first place, then thinking about all the good that comes from being clean and sober! It helps to make those two lists and start writing things down. Keep it handy to look at anytime you feel like you need a boost.
Reasons to stop: Feeling like death during increasingly long hangovers (like, days long ones), red puffy skin and breakouts, itchy and feeling like I have creepy crawlies on me, anxiety so bad I can’t leave the bed, let alone my house, pissing my money away, feeling like a failure and lying to my loved ones.

Reasons to stay sober: Sleep, glorious sleep! Better relationships, so much less anxiety, better skin and clear eyes, money in the bank, feeling good about myself and gaining self confidence.

Make your own list! It really helps!



Congrats on Day 5. I’m on Day 14 and am feeling so much better without hangovers and guilt/shame. Much more productive and happier. Those are some of my reasons not to reset.


Life is just better sober. Simple reason for me.