Reasons why we drink?


Im not sure if something similar has been covered i cant find anywhere?but ive questioned alot why i drink? and here is some of my reasons please tell me yours out of intrest:
Not caring what people think(tied to confidence)
Something i have always seen and done since early teens.
Losing myself in a bottle.


For me, it kind of came with the territory of being a musician. Pre-show drinks, drinks on stage, post-show drinks, after party drinks…being in bands, you can have beer/liquor on your rider (guarantee/demand list for shows), so it’s a free-for-all. Playing in bands, you also get to know a lot of bartenders, and then you get cheap/free drinks when you’re out, so that exacerbates the issue (although it’s not really an “issue” at the time…you’re just out having fun, right?)…

Now…the question as to why I even started? I couldn’t tell ya. I’m just glad I stopped.


When I was young it was because it was just something to do with my friends. As I’ve got older it was more of a stress reliever at the end of a long hard day working. Or as a reward for getting through my day. It’s only now that I’ve realised that although it may feel good at the time…taking that first drink and feeling the stress of my day melt away. Two bottles of wine later I’m a mess and can’t function properly the next day. It makes me lazy and if I go out I make such poor decisions that I wouldn’t ordinarily make if I were sober. Being drunk has stopped being fun. The negatives are outweighing the positives.


I’m an alcoholic that’s why I drink. That’s all I need to know anymore. Not wasting anymore time trying to figure it all out because the end result will always be the same.


I can give you all the same reasons that everybody else is giving you here:. Boredom, numbing pain, anger, fighting with the other one, seeking excitement, etc etc. In my humble opinion, the underlying reason why we seek to self destruct is a deep internal pain, discontentment, trauma, and lack of skills in dealing with everyday life. Let’s not forget that for the true serious alcoholic, it is a disease. There’s a physical as much as a spiritual disease. And, until we work at true recovery, not sobriety which to me is just the simple Act of stopping substance abuse when we work at true recovery we dig deep into the plague that brings us to the substance that keeps us in the plague. So for me it doesn’t matter I can give you 20 or 30 reasons why I might use on any given occasion. But when I finally got real, got honest, I realize that it was how I approach life how I was dealing with people places and things, in my emotions once I learned how to manage myself, and my reactions to life around me, I sustained and continue to sustain long-term recovery


Culture. A lot of people dont account for this. At least being Hispanic, we drink at kids b day parties, at 15ths, graduations, weddings, soccer games, family get togethers. As we have large families theres so many celebrations happening back to back.
When I first tried to quit I said, okay its november so after Thanksgiving, then it became afterChristmas, then, new years then dia de los Santos, then this b day party… till I noticed that drinking was a year round thing.


I was listening to a Russell Brand podcast once and he said something that stuck with me.

“We all crave connection.”

And I think that was it for me. I never felt like people liked me. So I started to drink to fit in with the other kids at the party. But I always took it too far so people still didn’t like me. Who likes the loud stumbling drunk who breaks all the shit in the house??? Then I started to drink because I felt so alone and, well, you don’t care about any of that when you’re drunk. Then I finally met someone that I really liked and we drank together because it was something we shared. Finally, I started to question whether or not I had really found the person I was meant to be or did I pick him simply because he was willing to be with me…so I drank because I was scared and confused.

There are many reasons why I drink but I think Russell was right…every one of them can be traced to me “craving connection”.


Genes, habit, lifestyle, trauma, illness & identity


So many reasons but none of them are good ones. I think it started cuz I wanted desperately to"fit in." It kept going because it seemed like the cool thing to do, everyone was doing it. Often it was out of a type of rebellion. Now I have no desire to fit in, I don’t fit in anywhere and I’m proud of that. It’s also NOT cool, and I don’t feel need to rebel anymore… If I do, there are more productive ways to do it.


I drank because I liked it. I drank to get drunk from the very first time I drank and I chased that feeling ever since.

My mom was avidly against drinking and smoking weed, my 2 favorite DOC’s.


I drank because I’m a drunk. It’s what us drunks do. I drank when I was happy, I drank when I was sad. I drank cuz it was summer, I drank because it was winter. I drank because I couldn’t sleep, I drank because I got too much sleep.

I drank because I’m a good for nothin drunk. Because I’m an alcoholic. That’s why I don’t drink anymore :wink:


Growing up, I wasn’t popular or remotely cool. I didn’t have a lot of friends, maybe one good friend. I was picked on & bullied. So, after highschool, I found a group of people really didn’t care about all that, they took me in and we had good times, i.e. drinking. So from 17 to 20 I drank to fit in.

From 21 to early 30’s I drank a lot socially. I’d go to the bar and hang with all the regulars 2 to 3 times a week. Hang with friends on weekends. So, again, I drank to fit in pretty much.

From mid 30’s to now, I formed a habit and addiction from all that drinking…

Theres a term, Arrested Development, when you spend most of your time under the influence, you do not develop into a fully functional adult, you sort of stay where you are. That’s me. In my 30’s I’m out partying and doing things someone my age should not be doing. I no longer related to real adults my age, this makes me depressed I guess.

So from mid 30s to now(I’m 40), I drank because I felt different from other people, I drank because I was depressed, I drank because my body told me I had to. I drank because I hated myself.


Amen man.

I’d prefer to focus on why I don’t drink. Life has never been better for this alcoholic since getting sober.


Good ansews!. Well im going to focus on the amazing reasons why i dont drink. Maybe thats something to think about why i focus on negative aspects of things? And i should start focusing on the postitves to come from putting down the bottle


Hello I believe it to be a mental obsession and a physical compulsion.

I take alcohol out. Physical has gone.
To fix mental 12 steps are there.
Also be happy. Keep attitude of gratitude.

1 day at a time don’t drink. Not much more than that.

Your Friend John. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’m stuck in party mode but just turned 30. It’s not cute anymore. One drink and I have all the drinks. It makes me manic and act strangely.

But it’s exciting. For a while.

Eventually that’s the only way I could have fun. Then I’d drink on some nights and sleep off my hangover others.

Doing basic things people enjoy… Seeing a movie, visiting a park, even sitting on the couch watching TV. It feels foreign to me.

I also desperately seek romantic connection drunk. Dating sites, bars, you name it.

So the quest for booze and sex caused me many near misses.


I do the same, but for people early on, it’s pretty helpful to spend some time evaluating how you ‘got here’ and possible reasons why, so one can attempt to repair those irrational beliefs and thought processes and turn them around into more positive/constructive/rational ones. I know it was helpful for me to reflect on these things, even though I spend less and less time focusing on it now.


Yeah - so I was I. How ‘cute’ do you think it is for someone who’s 53? LOL


…If I’m being truly honest, aside from all the stupid reasons I drank, I drank because I really liked the taste. I’m not gonna lie, I liked the taste of wine and certain cocktails. But honestly, I have given up other things that aren’t good for me that I used to like the taste of because of knowledge I acquired and decided to accept, so I have the benefit of understanding that tastes can and do change. In this short period of time, I’ve already started to develop an aversion to the thought of the taste of alcoholic beverages I used to love. It really can be done with a simple change in mindset. My food example would be stuff like any kind of fried food. Loved that stuff like anyone else or like most people around me seem to. Now the thought of it makes me gag since it’s been such a long time since I gave it up. Tastes DO change.


Whatever it takes.

We like to think our situations are unique, that our stories are 1 of a kind but they really aren’t. Some have just gone further down the hole.