Recovery and otc medication

Hi all. I know I’ve not messaged or anything. I don’t know how to do this or anything. I’m 63 days sober today.
I have to take liquid otc medication due to stomach surgery.
For example I have to use liquid sleeping medication for example as I digest too quickly.
Fining alcohol free is a struggle. But there is another medication that has alcohol. Dulcalex. Liquid.
If I don’t see this and take it because I’m trying to feel better… does this mean I need to restart my counter. I’m so stressed over this right now.

Any ideas opinions or anything will help. I’ve struggled so much and I don’t want to be taken down by this


In my opinion, as long as you take the medication as directed you’re fine. The normal dosage on most OTC stuff barely has any alchohol in it to affect your sobriety.

If it makes you feel any better, you’d get as much alcohol from a banana or a loaf of bread. I’m not giving up either.


Never thought of it that way. I just kinda freaked out.

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Congrats on 63 days! I feel this varies from.person to person but I think you’re safe here. As long as you’re using it for what it’s intended for. It’s not like you’re drinking the whole bottle to feel something. The fact you’re worrying over this shows your commitment to sobriety. Use your best judgment and stay strong :muscle:


Welcome and congratulations on your 63 days. I hope you are feeling okay after surgery. In my opinion, if you are taking prescribed medication or OTC as directed, you absolutely do not need to reset. If you are chugging it to get get wasted, then yes, reset. It is all in being honest with yourself.

Depending on the type of surgery you had, you may need to be extra careful, as anything that has alcohol may hit you real quick. Your doctor would be a good person to discuss this with.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!!


Thank you so much. I read that and almost cried! My boyfriend said the same but said it would be good to ask people who understand more.

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Thank you. I had the surgery years ago but because of it I digest too quick for pills. Definitely using as intended. I bought it 4 days ago and I’m just getting to the point I need the medicine more than anything else. I thought I would be ok but I worry so much

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I think if your not abusing it your fine depending on how much you drank your body takes longer than you think to become back to normal great job on 63 days you must be so proud of this.:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

Coming from someone who actually drank mouthwash once to stay drunk, I don’t see this as an issue. Good luck on your journey :heart: