Recovery Burnout

I am one month and two days sober and I have noticed that my cravings are getting stronger as time goes on. After my first week without alcohol, I barely thought about drinking up until recently. I think this is because I was so motivated when I made the desicion to quit and the negative memories helped keep me sober. Now i feel that energy slowly going away and i have not kept up with my activities to curb my cravings. I feel that all of the time and energy put into finding ways to avoid drinking is burning me out. Does anyone who may have experienced this have any suggestions to overcome recovery burnout?


Maybe hit up a meeting online?

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For me, it’s about balance. Make sure you leave time for yourself. Apply coping skills when beginning to feel overwhelmed. Prioritize priorities. Slow down…physically and mentally. Set up a schedule and stick to it. Create a recovery pie chart. Family time, recovery, work, friends and time for self. See where most of your time is spent. Then do best to even it out. Recovery should be like a wheel, smooth travels ya know? But if mostly work and family and recovery your wheel will be uneven, feeling bumpy…Balance was key for me. Hope this was helpful lol I’m sorry if not lol please take care, WE ALL WE GOT. Much love, peace
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There are going to be ups and downs… easy times and hard times. That’s why it’s a journey :slight_smile: But have those reasons why you quit handy. Around 60 days it got REAL hard for me. But I read those horror stories that reminded me of the Hell I would be inviting back into my life. It didn’t automatically make me feel “better” but it kept me from drinking until I did. :heart:


I got myself into a routine during my early days and I try to stick to it. When I’m having hard times then I increase my recovery work which for me would be adding another meeting. I normally do 2 a week in person and then I’ll add an online one. Or I come on here more and interact to get out of my own head. It’s all about finding balance for me. I always remember the saying…my recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t come last.


Is there anywhere online that you would recommend?

I’ve been using and there’s some great woman only meetings on there that welcome all addictions. You don’t have to share unless you want to. I get a lot out of just listening to other’s shares.


Great post. I definitely understand how the more days sober the stronger the desire. For me the first couple months were trying to just get healthy again, now that I am it feels harder but as iSage said balance is key. Hope your cravings go down and this week is smooth


My question for is are you working the program of AA or are you just not drinking?

Thanks for all of the good advice. I do need to work on balancing things out in my life. I tend to throw myself into things and forget self care. People always tell me I work too much because I often work when I don’t need to because I enjoy it. And eventually I burnout from work. I guess the same concept applies here. Thanks for the help!


I know what you’re talking about.

What are some other things that you can do that don’t involve drinking?
I just find something to keep myself busy…
Alcohol stops selling at 12am here so its a matter of keeping myself busy when I’m having those feelings of wanting to drink.

Honestly though, try to think of it like this.
The longer you stay away from alcohol, the less “addicted” you are. First it leaves physically then over time mentally…
I always tell people who are new sober and they sometimes think its silly to be happy about 1 day or 1 week. The first days are the absolute hardest. (in my opinion.) (so its something to be proud of)
Certainly you don’t want to have to go through that again?

Without knowing what “brand” of alcoholic you are, its difficult for me to offer great advice. If you were anything like me though, which I was very very bad at one point… you just get fed up with the sick feeling. You get to a point where the short time spent buzzed or drunk isn’t worth the hours or days of feeling like death and depressed.

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I’m going to sound like I’m diehard AA, and I’ve only been going to meetings for 3 days, but this is one of the things they deal with over and over. AA isn’t for everyone and there are a lot of things I question, but I enjoy it because I’m trying to quit drinking and it’s full of people with a plan. And there’s always a zoom meeting you can join, 24/7.