Recovery facilities

Is there anybody here living in the twin cities area that has been through a treatment center with a positive experience?

I’m not from the twin cities. Im in Kansas and I went to rehab 7 months ago. I have a local rehab facility here that only treats women so I get to see a lot and I have my own experience so I’ll give advice based on my experiences. Rehab will only get you so far. You will get out what you put in. But it doesn’t stop when you leave treatment. I maintain daily. I think the success rate of treatment is pretty low. I’m guessing AA might be worse? But if you dig in it’s very possible. Court ordered peeps seem to be doing their time and then may keep at it for a bit but I have not seen one flourish. If you want to do ANYTHING to get sober/clean you will do EVERYTHING to make it happen. I’m not saying you have to be perfect but it’s not something that I did for 21(treatment) and go to a meeting occasionally. I hit meetings as much as living in rural Kansas alloys. Most weeks I drive 4 hours to get to a great meeting that lasts one hour. I stay connected to my AA group. Call my sponsor often just to talk. Read every morning. I feel like this is the biggest job you will ever try to do. You are going to put your life back together. It’s not a back burner activity. So if you are looking for the miracle treatment you won’t find it. If you get help and help yourself you will be well on your way.