Recurring Nightmares?

I keep having these nightmares where I either actually end up drinking or vow to give up my sobriety and go back to my old ways. And every time it scares me and makes me angry.

Is this common? And what could it mean for me?


Its very common…i got alot of it at first but its levelled out now to just once in a while, just be thankful when you wake that it was just a dream and that in reality u are still smashing your sobriety…i see them now as a welcome reminder of how bad things can be


Maybe This will help you


I got these very frequently during early recovery. I am over 2 and a half years sober, and I only get them once in a blue moon now. But yes, very normal for them to be frequent in early recovery. I feel like around the 6 month mark is when I didn’t have them as often.


I gave up 4 years ago and I still have occasional nightmare drinking dreams. They are a timely reminder of what my life used to be like and although they are horrible at the time when you wake up you just think thank god that wasn’t real.


Weirdly I had one last night, normally my dreams are others using and me almost but not me actually using, last night was a full relapse dream that woke me up, I fell asleep again and dream continued, very uncomfortable, still feeling effects of the dream this morning

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