Refuge Recovery founder steps down

So I just read that Noah Levine, the founder of the buddhist inspired program, Refuge Recovery, has been asked to resign from Against the Stream, which is the overseeing entity of RR, and that ATS is shutting down as well. RR is continuing to remain a volunteer and peer-led, non profit recovery program and is in the process of purchasing all rights to the name and material from Mr. Levine. He was accused of and likely guilty of sexual misconduct and that is the reason he is leaving, etc. I don’t know the details of what he supposedly did, but it did not involve a member. I myself feel pretty, um… disappointed…by this finding. How can someone who follows the buddhist path and has helped recovery happen for so many people do something harmful like this? Anyway, just thought I’d mention it since a few people on here read RR as well. I am continuing to follow the book and inventories, etc… but I feel less committed to RR now, like somehow I am condoning the behavior of Noah because he wrote the material. Mixed feelings on this, any thoughts?

The problem is usually not the program or message, it’s that it is created by humans. With success comes ego, which usually destroys us. If it’s working for you, you can stick with it, just stick to the original message, and not the man. From a Michigan State fan (Larry Nassar scandal) and a Catholic.


Any recovery program is bigger than it’s founder. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were just two drunks. Jimmy K was just some drug addict. The program is unaffected by the actions of one person.