I hurt my girl now she being cold hearted

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welcome tom. read around here for a bit. giving each other some space and time may help.

She cold heartless as and I have feeling the way she acting she has moved on or having someone else

She may be angry bro.

You said you relapsed, so she’s probably upset. And doesn’t want to fight with you.

that sucks.

Its OK I’m used of being treated like a pos

focus on something else if you can, music, book, movie, sleep

You say you hurt her……??

She might need time to digest as well, that takes time,

New I found she has another man but I have too take what I can get I guess

That sucks man I’m sorry you are going through this but maybe take this time to work on you and your sobriety I’m not sure if your using is why she is upset with you but like I said try working on your sobriety maybe go to a AA or NA meeting they always make me feel better keep your head up bud you will get through this

She found some one else I’m really trying not to use but its all I know and run back everytime

It is not about her, try to focus on yourself. Not easy, I can relate, but it is the only way. Your worth a sober live. Drinking never made anything better.