Relapse 140 days

relapsed after 140 days. No significant stress since I’ve been off work etc. I think it was boredom and maybe not caring. Sigh. After all the struggles I’ve been through and doing what I can to not drink… why all of a sudden I don’t care and it was easier for me to give in. Maybe I’m tired of the constant struggle? I don’t know.

Any advice?


I was doing so good. My health and everything improved. Damn the cravings are my worst enemy.

That sucks. Was it just one night?

Yes. I think mentally I just wanted a release or relax. I think the tools I’ve been using to just relax clearly have worked but quit.working. need new tools in my tool belt

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Well that’s good, and being aware of the reasons and what to do with this slip. Do you come here often, lol… I meant it but it sounds funny!:rofl:

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Its alright we all fall just get back up start over again. Deep down you know why you did it something we cannot answer for you. Shit happeneds weather it be mentally, or physically.

I have been coming to this app often. But due to work the past month It has been far less. I am not a regular anymore. It is something I need to work on. It has worked in the past to keep me from drinking.

Yep no one can answer for me. I just gotta dig deeper in why.

I was put into 14 day quaratine by my job. Maybe just the unstructured life of 14 days…

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We had a zoom meeting last Saturday and it was really great, people from here. Maybe check it out this Saturday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would love this! I wasn’t aware of zoom meetings. I can look back at past posts for more info!

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