Relapse alcoholic husband 😥

Thanks so much I’ve made the decision to move on with my life. It’s the best thing to do for my mental and physical health


Congratulations on your marriage and sobriety and thank you :smiling_face:


You are strong and brave and have tried. It sounds like it is definitely time to look after yourself and get yourself into a good place. You can’t help him if you are also down. I hope youre ok.


Yes I am great thanks. Tired of the going back and forth with him and when he’s sober he’s calm and then verbally abusive when he’s drunk it’s been too many years of back and forth personalities I’m just worn out and ready to move on and have peace again thank you for your kind words blessings to you :innocent:


The back and forth keeps draining us as long as we allow it. For me it was and still is an indicator whether something changes. Or doesn’t. As we only can make a change in ourselfs and our lifes this part is an individual and personal one. I only can change what I have control over. And leave the rest.

From my experience listening to my gut and then following this way was the best thing I could do. Slowly and with increasing care and kindness towards myself. It was and still is a learning process to focus on myself and ONLY on myself, leaving and letting go of thoughts and involvement concerning my ex. I had and still have to relearn that I have to take good care of me and nobody mess with it. Boundaries are essential. Working on myself is the core of creating a good life for myself. Doing things in babysteps worked wonders for me as I had to relearn to live my life at my own pace, they added up so fast.
Sending you strength and peace, keep going.


So true thank you

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