Relapse and guilt

I relapsed and got drunk at work. How do you deal with the guilt of letting that happen at your job? Trying to keep my head up.


I agree…it’s not the fall that’s define the person…,it’s the climb! Get back up and do it again!! You got this!!!


By vowing to never do that again.

And then putting into place the necessary program to make that a reality.

I think @Englishd said something helpful. It was along the lines of:

“An apology without a change in behavior is just manipulation.”


Well, first you can get over the guilt by not doing that again.

If you are still in the bar, get out. Find something else. There are people on here in the service industry that will tell you that the extra layer of craving that happens with 100% instant availability is not helpful. I am not sure where in the world you are, but there are 100s of jobs that will take bartending as customer service experience.

Second, have a plan. What are you doing to stay sober? Are you working a program? Have a support system? A lot of people use this forum as their support system and program. However, you haven’t spent much time on here. So, if you don’t have a plan and a program, you’ll need to develop one of your own, or plug into an existing one.

AA is, of course, available. One good thing that Covid gave us is instant access to all types of programs ALL day on the Internet. I like Recovery Dharma.

Plug in, knuckle down, get it done! I am so glad you’re here.


For me, the day I realized I had a problem, and my life was unmanageable was the first step of dealing with the guilt. The second step was getting help. Initially talking sober was my “recovery program”. After 90 days, I knew it wasnt going to be enough, so I sought out a face to face program of recovery.


Get back up and start again! I agree with jene @EarnIt… change your job. Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes :pray:t2::two_hearts:

It’s good that you seek face to face councelling, but it is not for nothing that treatment for addiction are in general given in groups with 1 on 1 councelling combined. Why? people there understand you and speak the same language, no judgement there etc. Good you’re here and are working on it!

Thank you all. This is new to me but it’s something I really want for my life. Appreciate the support!

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It’s just one so pick urself up an think u no wat it’s time to start again but this time stronger an don’t be down smile an fight with a big hart it’s not a relapse it’s a fall so pick ur self up an fight fight fight my frend

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Im also dealing with relapse - I was also drunk at work, last night I dont remember any conversation I had, fou d this morning I’d sent friend requests to people I don’t want to be in contact with and am feeling so much shame and embarrassment right now

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Thank you for sharing. I’m glad I’m not alone in this situation. Time to be better!