Relapse and stupid thoughts

Since I decided to stop drinking I have had few really bad relapses by drinking for few weeks and manged to stay sober not longer then a month. This time I thing I have showed all my strenght and stay sober 3monht, but suddenly something hit my brain that I can dry to drink normally. And here I am relapse again, ar least just few days of drinking not weeks as before. Not it is a third day of sobriety and I am scares of my thoughts cauz I noticed ao am planning when I can drink again. Omg does it ends eventually?

Before first days of sobriety made be happy, now no feeling just thoughts when I should rearange another drinking that people around would not notice. So scared to relaose again

Your alcoholic brain is playing tricks on you. We ALL have it. “You’ve proven that you can go without alcohol, now you can be a “normal” drinker”. “You’ve been so good, you deserve a reward. Oh, there’s a nice bottle of wine in the cabinet. Go for it”. “You’re such a loser. Why did you ever think you could go without alcohol. You might as well give it all up right now and just get sloshed”. We’ve all heard those same voices in our heads. Part of getting sober is telling that voice just to fuck right off. We can’t be “normal” drinkers…if we could we wouldn’t be here trying to quit. We don’t deserve a glass of wine, we deserve true health and happiness we can get from sobriety. We aren’t losers, we are fighters…we are heros.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m still struggling, just like you. Today is day 2 for me…AGAIN!! I’m trying really hard to fight off that alcoholic brain voice but some days she is stronger than me. But I refuse to give up the fight. Sobriety is just too important to me.

I wish all the best for you.


Stay strong you are definetely not alone. I am also fighing that voice rught now it just keep saying 3monhs is nothing you colapse and dont deserve sobriety. Buy more alkohol. But somehow I just really angry on it and stopped crying made a coffe and facing the consicences that relapse have cost to me

Don’t give up, I am the same way, I have relapse many times because of those voices in my head, don’t give in to the temptation of alcohol, congrats on your sobriety days, I know how tough those early sobriety days can be, I have build my life up so many times just to destroy again with alcohol, but I’m still here not giving up, we are all in this together