Relapse-dreams and horrible mood

Hi, I’m new on the forum. I’m 165 days sober! But I keep having bad dreams. You know, the ones where you relapse and you wake up thinking it’s real!? It throws me off for the whole day. Even puts me in a bad mood towards the kids! How do I make them go away???!!!

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I’m not too sure about how to make them go away unfortunately, but you’re not alone. I still have them occasionally as well.

I try to just use them as a reminder of how much I don’t want to ever drink again because of how bad it made me feel.

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I had a dream last night that i drank some can - didn’t recognize it as being an alcohol drink - & ended up being tipsy.
I was worried i would have to start over!

Strange dream

It’s been so upsetting! I dream I am using Meth again and my relapse is worse than the last! This is my second time being sober. My last sobriety lasted 18 months. I’m afraid I’ll mess up again. And the moods that the dreams put me in are just like the days I was using and not caring about anyone!!!

I hate those dreams! They make me anxious!

I wake thinking…wait, did I actually do that, but then I wake up and realize my husband and my dad are happy and I’m safe…

And I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.


I hope you have an awesome day!


Bad dreams happen, and from what I’ve heard they can happen even with old-timers. I’m really sensitive so I understand how you feel when you say it affects your whole day.
What helped me was trying to transition my mindset to being grateful that it was just a dream, and using it as a reminder that it’s not something that I want to do in real life. Like I will literally wake up and say “thank you goddess for the reminder, and for my sobriety” and then it’s easier for me to move on

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Thank you so much. I will definitely do this!!

Yes they are the worst! And I do realize they aren’t real, just sucks think about it. :two_hearts:thanks a bunch

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Knowing it’s not real is a huge relief! I’m glad to have all my kids in the same home with me. I just keep telling myself that they are happy and safe!