Relapse leading to Relapse

I re set my clock a couple days ago, I had almost made it to 90 days before that! And then last night I had a bottle of wine. My thought process was absurd “well, if I’ve already relapsed, I might as well have another drink before I get too far into sobriety again.”
I re set my clock again this morning, and instead of grumping around, I started reading through chats on this app. I saw so many great messages of encouragement and reinforcements of why to choose sober. I appreciate everyone here and the hope I feel toward a better future :two_hearts:


Have to figure out what happened a couple days ago as it’s very important. Whatever gave your drinking voice the ability talk you into having one is our issue. We identify that, make a better support plan (call a fellow in recovery) before we drink/use. Anything other than drink. You’re back, that’s what matters.


for me i had no defence so i got a sponsor and got on a program it helped me stay sober no relapses , and lift the phone before the drink a good foundation sober network will help doing it alone makes it harder wish you well