Relapse Relapse

How many times can a person relapse.

Until your mind suddenly says no more or your body stops working. I’ve had two, I don’t think my body will survive another, the main thing is to learn from them, know what you can and can’t do. Don’t put yourself in the same position again. And if it’s not a trigger but a random craving, scream a lot.


Are you relapsing after significant chunks of time, or are you just not drinking for a few days or a week here and there before drinking again?
(Substitute ‘drinking’ with whatever is your DOC)

2 months has sober stent

How about now? How are you doing currently?

Recovering from a 6 day binge. Had to go to the er by ambulance trying to go to sleep Trying to find a sponsor

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Those are good steps to take. :+1:
You are probably exhausted. Stick around. Read a lot here, keep posting, let the support of this community help.


Thanks I will

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2 months is a long time. You can get back there. Learn from this experience and put all you have to making this next attempt be the last one.

maybe try a meeting they helped me no relapses so far wish you well

To answer your question seriously, I think the only limits to # relapses are death (or recovery!)… I know death was where I was headed until I made some serious changes!

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I’ve relapsed well over 200 times.

Ugh! :disappointed:

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I looked at how many times last year I hit the reset button. It was well over 40 but I’ve got 201 days now. Last time, I drank I got a DUI. I hope to never got back to that. Something’s got to change and its everything about me. I’m working with a sponsor, she helps me a lot. I couldn’t have done anything without the program.
Hope you’re feeling better! :honeybee: