Relapse. Starting over day 1:

I’m so disappointed In myself. I just need to surround myself w better people. I gave in to the peer pressure and one shot turned into 7. Headache, nauseous, hung over. :disappointed:
Ever since my best friend passed away it’s just hard to say no when you’ve been down a rabbit hole. I think I’m just gonna stay inside for a while until I can handle the peer pressure and be firm.


Awwwww I’m sorry for your loss I totally get it. Just keep trying and one time it will stick :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Im so sorry about ur loss. Thats never ever easy :frowning: do ur friends know that ur trying to better ur life? If not, do u think they wouod be supportive?


It’s a tough journey when you have to make these changes. Friendship can mean so many different things, but one thing they all have in common is they are about being there for each other, they are about supporting one another in being the people you wanna be.

Take care and take the space you need to be your self, the self you wanna be. Keep asking for help and keep searching. Your heart will tell you when you’ve found a path that works, that’s helpful.

Keep us posted :innocent:


I told them I was going sober, but I don’t think they take me seriously. Haven’t really had a heart to heart conversation with them about it. But when I kept being offered I was definitely at battle with myself about it and I wasn’t making it seem obvious that it was hard for me to say no. I just gave in.


Thank you so much❤️ I love the positivity


I love it when you comment. It’s always full of information and affirmation :heart: You’re so sweet. Thank you​:heart:


I have to agree with you, @Matt is a really awesome person and there are also so many others here too that you’ll come to know. Proud of you!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Unfortunately falling is sometimes a part of this journey. Most everybody here can relate to that. Just keep getting up and learning from it. If you want it don’t ever stop trying. :v::green_heart:


Friendship is a bit like cooking. (It’s sort of like two chefs working in the same kitchen, I guess :innocent:) You spend some time cooking up a certain menu, then sometimes - like you are feeling now - you need to explore new directions, new ways of cooking, new choices. Every cook is free to choose which kitchen and which menu they wanna cook for, and sometimes that means two chefs go in different directions for a time.

It’s not good or bad, it’s just, it’s a new kitchen, a new menu, different chefs you’re cooking with.

It sounds a bit like now is a time when you’re leaving one kitchen and searching for another. That in-between space can be a little disorienting. You’re not quite sure what you’re gonna find but you know you need a new place to cook, a new style of cooking.

Do you know what kind of food you wanna cook now? Who is Tinkkk now? What does she do with her friends? (Camping? Music? Art? Murder mystery dinner parties? [those are super fun]) What does she do with her daughter? (state fairs obviously, and what else? Maybe doing crafts at home? Building birdhouses?)

What does Tinkkk need to learn, to be cooking those things up, with the people around her? To be the chef she wants to be? We humans are great learners. It’s a double-edged sword - we can learn unhelpful / destructive stuff just as easily as we can learn helpful stuff - but the great thing is it’s about choice. You always have choice. You always, always have the power to learn. It’s just about choosing it.

What do you want to learn, and where can you learn it?


I’m sorry to hear about your relapse but we are here for you, stay strong and keep working hard :muscle:


It can be isolating in recovery. Ive had a hard time staying in touch or trusting some relationships when i got sober.

The hermit period can last, but you can redifine relationships for you. Also, see friends but in other contexts than drinking ones. It can feel strange in the beginning but then a whole word of things to do sober opens up.

Rest for now and go towards recovery, you deserve it :slight_smile:


I got rid of my so called friends when i went to AA and made new sober ones wish you well