Relapsed again for 6th time

On Day 2 after relapsing again, I have written down things that trigger me to use this time around so hopefully can be more careful


Hi, Tom, sorry you relapsed, but at least you’re getting right back on track, sounds like you are tweaking your tool box as well. Many of us here, myself included, know that relapse and recommitment roller coaster ride very well. All we can do is learn from our experiences and keep working on it. I wish you well on this journey,you’re not alone!


Thnks for hon3sty tom. Ive r3lapsed many times. Please stay motivated and its greatyoure recognizing your weaknesses.


Surprised you know how many times you relapsed, I would need all my fingers and toes and about 10 other people’s to count on :rofl:never stop trying. I wish you well on your journey :+1:


Thank you very much for the positive comment, hope you’re well

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Thank you very much, hope you’re well

Haha thank you for the comment i feel like i will get there eventually

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