Relapsed again. I feel like I am dying from withdrawal. Need support and your advice

Withdrawal is unbearable this time around.


I do hope you feel better soon. Is a detox facility an option? If not, what are you coming off of? Alcohol or benzodiazepines are the most worrisome as we can develop seizures and possibly die. Do you have a safe place? I want to help.


Welcome back Teplova! Great job on starting your sober journey. I am sorry for the withdrawals.

What is it that you are experiencing? Are you able to stay hydrated and get rest (keep warm from the chills if you are experiencing some)? If they are severe - are you able to go to a facility for help?
Do you have someone near you taking care of you?

As Smitty mentioned, some withdrawals are severe and life threatening. I do hope you are getting the help you need. :pray:


Do what ever it takes to be sober. Go into detox, attend meetings, be patient with your self. One minute one hour one day at a time. Hang in there please


Thank you, yes its alcohol and it’s no joke. Thank you all for your responses :pray:


How are you dong today Teplova?

From the attached article…Alcohol detox at home

when detoxing from home -

  • Always have someone with you while detoxing.
  • Clear your schedule for two weeks so you have time to detox correctly.
  • Ensure there is no easily available alcohol in the home.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid people who could tempt you to drink.
  • Try relaxing activities like yoga, exercise or meditation.
  • Have an emergency medical plan if serious symptoms occur.

During withdrawal, dehydration is common. You are also more likely to neglect eating healthily due to the distraction of withdrawal symptoms. Staying hydrated, and eating healthy foods during detox, however, can improve your overall health and ability to cope with the strain that withdrawal places on your body. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary or processed foods is likely beneficial.

I do hope you start feeling better soon. Please do keep an emergency contact handy in case you need further assistance. Keep us posted. Sending you strength to get through this patch - it does get easier. :hugs:


Thank you! Still struggling with shakes but taking it an hour at a time. Thank you for your advice.


The first sentence from @JazzyS article says: “The most important step in detoxing from alcohol at home is to check with your doctor if it is safe.” I know not everybody has access to a doctor but I hope you do. Detoxing from alcohol can be risky. I’m a nurse in recovery working in a detox facility. Please take care Liza. It’s a good article btw. Worth the read.

Wishing you all success with your sober journey. You’re not alone. :people_hugging:


Hi Liza, came a long on this thread. How are you doing. For what I get out of your post is that you have quite some severe withdrawals. Did you already contact some professionals/doctor/detox for help. My own experience is that I never was able to get through it alone, my body was to powerless against it.

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No no we are not dying we are trying again!!!


How are you doing? Hopefully the withdrawal symptoms are improving. :pray::people_hugging:


Great way to look at it!

Thank you for your support! I start feeling like myself again slowly. 72 hours! Happy Thanksgiving everyone :heartbeat:


Oh thank you for the update…glad you are starting to feel better 72 hours is amazing :clap:…keep going strong :muscle:

Happy Thanksgiving

Seek medical help. Your dr can describe medication to help with your withdrawal symptoms.

Hope you’re doing well I’m sending you love :purple_heart: