Relapsed.. again

So here I am again back at one and a half days sober. I feel guilty and ashamed of myself. I went on a drinking binge for 2 whole days, and In this time managed to embarrass my self and hurt my spouse to the worst point. Alcohol doesn’t make me happy thats why I dont understand why I always pick up a drink… Im feeling so ashamed and just hope to actually make it without alcohol from now on. Wish me luck… I need it


a meeting might help


Good luck and no judgement from me. It’s not an easy thing we chose to do. But don’t give up. Learn from slip-ups. If you can figure out the trigger try and avoid it. It might be worth giving up on a few things for a while. Even as serious as giving up a job.

Because you will surely lose everything any way if you cannot give up damaging drinking.


Take that relapse and shame and use it as fuel for your next attempt at sobriety. A sports team learns more from losing a game than winning. You’ve shown bravery and commitment by posting this. Hang in there!

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